About Borbali HS School

The School is situated in situated in a remote village area, Vill & P.O- Borbali, Dist.-Lakhimpur, State-Assam. It was established in 1960. With a aim to facilitate higher education to the pupils who were seemed to be drop out due their economic conditions. The school runs long twenty years without any Govt. Aids. In 1980 after twenty years of its establishment Assam Govt. provincialised the institution which stimulates the educational unit to run smoothly. The school had celebrated lately its Silver Jubilee in 1945. Sri Betharam Dutta founder principal of the institution was addressed in th get together session of Allumini meet. Sri Nityananda Saikia and Sri Muhidhar Borah hold the post of Head of the institution on 2006 and 2007 respectively after retirement of B. Dutta. The School administration has been conducted by Sri Lalit ch. Saikia since 2000. The people of the school community impressed on the activities under taken by the present principal Lalit ch. Saikia. Last ten (10) years different utilitarian efforts has been taken to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the learners as well as society.

Principal's Desk

At Barbali HS School we deliver an excellent education in an environment where our children feel safe and happy. We are especially proud of our success in literacy and numeracy teaching and of our highly acclaimed sporting and cultural programs. Our school is a well-resourced library, laboratories and well equipped playing field. Our school today has an outstanding reputation throughout the community and beyond. We actively encourage parents to support our teaching and learning programs. Our parent body meets regularly and there is a high level of involvement and support from our parents and volunteers in classrooms, the library, assisting in sports’ coaching, academics & cultural areas.

-Bhaba Kt. Dutta

News / Events

1. Veer Lachit dibav celebration on 24thNovember 2012.

2. Satiya Nitra and Bargeet Competition in association with distict Sahitya Sabha on 25th November 2012.